Media Coverage for ZarbeAzb?

Why private media not giving coverage to ZarbEAzb?

Whenever I see news bulletin these days, I feel as if the focus of Pakistani media is on protests and current political chaos. News Channels only talk about Imran Khan, Qadri, and Dharna in Islamabad. Hardly any news with respect to North Waziristan’s operation ZarbeAzb is shown by private media channels.

It is unfortunate to see that our media doesn’t work according to national priorities. If we see the foreign media, every media house works according to national priorities of its own country. They support their military forces; they telecast their forces’ achievements again and again. For example, CNN and BBC reporting for Afghanistan and Iraq. However, this spirit lacks in our Pakistani media.

Pakistan Army started military operation against terrorists in Northwaziristan by name of ZarbeAzb on 15th June. This operation is progressing successful but private media houses of Pakistan have sidelined the ongoing operation and giving all coverage to current political chaos and protests. Whether it is news bulletin or it is talk shows, all anchors and journalists talk about ongoing Islamabad’s protests, no coverage to ZarbeAzb is given.

More than one thousand local and foreign terrorists are killed by forces since the beginning of ZabeAzb’s military operation. The region has long been home to local and foreign militants who carry out attacks in Pakistan.

There is need to support our forces for the fight against terrorists. The official statements from reveal that almost all major hideouts of militants and about 80 percent of North Waziristan is taken back from control of militants. The operation displaced over 800,000 residents who were currently living either with relatives or at relief camps miles away from their homes.

By improved role of media right now, the nation can stay united in fight against terrorists. More and more funds can be collected for relief of IDPs. And by utilizing those funds, these internally displaced persons can have better life.


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