Protests are by common people

The Anti-government campaigns are not backed by Military

The protests against Government were launched by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) on 13th August. Its more than forty days and protesters are still doing sit-in protest in Islamabad. On 19th August, the protest marched towards the Parliament House, attacked building of PTV and later on moved away from Red Zone after clash with police.

The media and political circles kept on chanting about Martial law and Pakistan army’s biasness on Azadi/Inqilab March. But, Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR) has categorically stated that army will follow the constitution and stands with democracy. The military has clearly stated it is not behind the ongoing anti-government protests in the country. The official military statement said that Pakistan Army is neutral and neither with any political party nor group rather the organization has suggested political groups to sort out the differences and resolve it through dialogue. But these public statements have not stopped politicians and few journalists from raising questions.

Last month, in August, some politicians tried to create an impression that the army chief was willing to act as a “mediator” and “guarantor” to resolve current political crisis. But the military clarified that the government had requested the army to play a “facilitative role” in the process. It is very regrettable that politicians and political parties are dragging Pakistan army into their political statements. However, Army has categorically abstained from getting into politics.

In one of Wajahat Ali’s articles published in Central News Asia,  he said:  ‘It is not clear why the officers present at the meeting were taking notes, if the army was only acting as a “facilitator”.’ He has referred to one of Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri’s interview with Channel NewsAsia in which Dr. Qadri said:

“There was just one session in which our party leaders, some government ministers and two or four army officers sat together. They were taking notes. The same thing happened with the PTI dialogue. This one dialogue session took place under the army’s mediatory role on Nawaz Sharif’s request.”

During meetings, it is official decorum to write down notes. Just because army officials, who were present during negotiations, were writing down points of meeting doesn’t mean that they had some other intentions. In order to give progress of meetings to higher authorities, army officers as well as bureaucrats have to submit written documents. Therefore, they have to write down points of all meetings.

Instead of spreading rumours, media and journalists should focus on right reporting. The current situation is worse of the kind if we look into history of Pakistan. It is not difficult for Army to takeover but the respected institution is showing its commitment for democracy. All social circles should appreciate the positive role of Pakistan Army instead of raising questions on its sincerity.


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