ZarbEAzb progressing forward!

ZarbEAzb progressing in right dimension

Pakistan Army started military operation against terrorists in North Waziristan by name of ZarbEAzb on 15th June. This operation is progressing forward in right dimension as more than one thousand local and foreign terrorists are killed by forces since the beginning of ZabeAzb’s military operation. The region was long been home to local and foreign militants who carried out attacks in Pakistan.

Yesterday, 15 terrorists had been killed in airstrikes while atleast 6 militants were killed in a gunfight.The air attacks were carried out on five insurgent hideouts in the Shawal area of North Waziristan Saturday night. 5 terrorists hideouts were destroyed and 15 terrorists including foreigners were killed in Shawal area.

In another incident, at least six militants were killed early Sunday in a gunfight that erupted after they attacked a paramilitary checkpoint in a tribal area bordering Afghanistan. The gunfight took place at the Ghundi checkpoint in the Khyber tribal district which is a gateway for NATO supplies to Afghanistan. 30 militants attacked the Ghundi check post early Sunday, but security forces had prior information about it and were well prepared.

Last week PAF fighter jets shelled numerous militant hideouts in Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency. As a result of that shelling, 13 militants were killed, while several were injured. More than 1,000 militants and 86 soldiers have been killed in the assault so far in North Waziristan operation.

ZarbEAzb is moving forward successfully. The target of operation was to clean up North Waziristan from terrorists and to remove terrorists’ hideouts. The armed forces are achieving required targets successfully. The air strikes are targeted and terrorists’ activities have decreased in the country. The political parties are now organizing their rallies because of the controlled law and order situation.

At this time when Army is fighting terrorists, the nation should be united for the cause and support the soldiers of ZarbEAzb. We can curb terrorism if and only if all of us would be aware of our surroundings. The civil society should be conscious and call the security agencies whenever they find any suspicious person. There should be no sympathies for Jihadis and Jihadi groups.It is not only job of police, army and intelligence agencies to fight criminals and terrorists but it is now task of all of us to stand up against terrorism.


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