Is India going to get permanent UNSC membership?

US backing India’s permanent United Nations Security council’s membership

United States is going to build strategic ties with India by supporting India’s entry into elite nuclear clubs and as a permanent member of the reformed UN Security Council. Besides co-operation in counter terrorism efforts, President Obama and Indian PM Modi committed themselves to continue to work towards India’s phased entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), the Wassenaar Arrangement and the Australia Group.

On 30th September, a joint statement was issued. How come you can stop terrorism and nuclear proliferation when you are enhancing its production? US is, now, promoting India in South Asia. Will this US strategy bring peace in the region when Kashmir dispute has destabilized peace in the region?

Why US is supporting for a reformed UN Security Council with India as a permanent member? Is it because of india’s ‘sincere’ role for bringing peace in the region or it is because India will get an edge after BSA (Bilateral security agreement) is signed? Of course, the later one is the main reason.

There is instabililty in India, separatist movements there. Though Indian media doesn’t show it BUT international media has shown the disturbances prevailing in India. The protests by Sikhs and Kashmiris outside UN in NewYork, when Indian PM Modi was giving speech there. This proves the human rights violation prevailing in India.

After signing of BSA, India will be given chance to stay in Afghanistan till US troops stay. It is proved that India is involved in bringing unrest in Balochistan as well as FATA through BLA, and TTP. The terrorists, who fled from North Waziristan during operation ZarbEAzb, are given safe heavens in Afghanistan especially in Indian consulates.

US must review its decision for supporting India. In fact, Pakistan should be given permanent seat in UN Security Council. Pakistan is the only Muslim country in the world which is nuclear power. Moreover, the world knows the role of Pakistan to combat terrorism. ZarbeAzb is perfect example to prove the fact.

USA and India are backing Baloch militants and insurgency in Pakistan. Here is its proof:

The international community must understand the importance of geo-strategic location of Pakistan. By destabilizing Pakistan, peace cannot prevail neither in India nor in Afghanistan.


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