Impact of Army Chief’s visit to Kabul

Sub-continent is in dire need of peace. This peace cannot be achieved until and unless terrorism is rooted out from the region. In order to root out terrorism, the terrorists’ hideouts need to be destroyed. All the neighbouring countries of this region need to co-operate with each other for the cause of peace and stability in the region. Neither the region nor the people of the region will progress forward until there is peace.

Yesterday’s visit of Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif is important for the peace of both countries Afghanistan and Pakistan. The border security issues especially continuous border violation from Afghanistan needed to be addressed.

Operation ZarbEAzb is launched not only for the peace of Pakistan but for the peace of neighbouring countries. For the success of ZarbeAzb, co-operation of Afghanistan is required. Afghan forces need to take action against the terrorists’ camps that are in Kunar and Nooristan provinces. The activities of 24 Indian consulates along Pak-Afghan border have to be highlighted.

Army Chief has met top leadership of Afghan Government including Afghan President. Strong military ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan will bind both of these countries for intelligence sharing, mutual co-operation for peace. Chief of Pakistan Army has offered a full range of training courses and facilities in Pakistan’s training institutions to Afghan security forces, as well as an enhancement of an infantry brigade and provision of equipment. He said treating terrorism as a common enemy would be the only way to ensure regional security.

Mutual co-operation of Pakistan and Afghanistan for the fight against terrorism is important for the peace in both countries. Afghanistan need to take strong steps against terrorists’ hideouts that are inside their provinces. Training of Afghan troops under umbrella of Pak-Army will provide strength to Afghan forces to fight against terrorists. Now, the ball is in court of Afghan leadership. Whether they are will continue to be under Indian influence or take a step forward to join hands with Pakistan to have peace and land free of terrorism.


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