Is Khyber 1 achieving goals?

ZarbEAzb is progressing forward, achieving its targets, Pakistan Army has launched operation in Khyber Agency by the name of Khyber1 on 18th October 2014. There were reports of presence of terrorists’ and militant groups in Khyber Agency.

Khyber agency is one of Pakistan’s seven semi-autonomous tribal regions in the area, where TTP and Al Qaeda-linked militants are considered to have carved out strongholds.

Since the initiation of the operation in October, the armed forces in air and ground offensives have finished 170 militants where as 250 militants have surrendered before the security forces and the political administration.

Detaining of 250 terrorists is an achievement. Information related to country’s security, about the working of terrorists’ groups and what can be possible upcoming terror attacks in Pakistan. The hidden network of these militant groups, their sponsors, all the relevant information can be retrieved from these terrorists if they are kept detained. Now, it is responsibility of courts to punish these criminals. The major flaw in judiciary right now is that not a single terrorist is being hanged since 2006. If these terrorists were punished by courts, the terrorism might not had made its roots as much as it has gained presently.

At least 60 Pakistanis were killed during the flag-lowering ceremony on the India-Pakistan border at Wagah when the bomber tried to get as close as possible to the border earlier this month. Another achievement of Khyber1 is that 13 suspected terrorists of Wagah border attack incident were killed in airstrikes conducted by Pakistan Air Force on 11th November, 2014.

Soldiers have done their job of capturing terrorists, rather they are doing their work to fight terrorists and remove terrorists’ group. Now, it is responsibility of Pakistani judicial courts to punish these terrorists, hang them and co-operate with the security agencies to keep them detained. There should be no room for these animals(terrorists) to be freed from the detention so that peace can prevail in the country.


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