False propaganda against Pakistan

On 4th of November 2014, a book review was published in Indian newspaper ‘The New Indian Express. It’s about the book “The Warrior State: Pakistan in the contemporary world.” The author of this book is T.V.Paul.

This book seems like part of Indian false propaganda against Pakistan. The biasness of the author is obvious (just google this author’s name and you will get to know). The author has raised questions on the stability of Pakistan, political role of Pakistan Army, political instability in Pakistan and the safety of nuclear assets.

International community must stop this false propaganda to threaten Pakistan. Pakistan is not a failed state and will respond to Indian negative objectives. India is using Afghanistan as haven for TTP. The role of Indian consulates near Pak-Afghan border is obvious. Religious preachers from India, who are the agents of Raw, preach religion to jobless youth there that is based on extremism, terrorism and hate against Pakistan and thereby brainwashing the terror recruits.

The author has just created a fairy to create propaganda against Pakistan. Pakistan is the only nation that have lost more lives and suffered more than any nation for fighting against terrorism which is not a war of their own but cleaning the mess of our front ally USA on War on Terrorism. The ongoing operation, ZarbEAzb, is cleaning terrorist from the country shows that Pakistan is more concerned for terrorism than others do while sitting outside country. We do have an Islamic identity but Islamic teachings don’t teach us to do what writer has an obsession with.

The author has not given neutral analysis. A state who has been remained the front line ally of USA in countering terrorism and in war against terrorism would have been forced to suffer all this. Pakistan itself a peaceful and a geostrategically strong country. It’s geostrategic importance can never be ignored that’s why international community dominated by USA found to be tilting its feet in to its boundaries. Foreign intervention has actually polluted the country this way. As long as Taliban and terrorists are concerned, Pakistan is not the only country having this trouble India also falls in the same category. There is not a single chance for terrorists and extremists getting hold of Pakistan’s national assets as the security establishment of the country is up to the international standards and Pakistan is itself in continuous efforts of increasing the efficacy of its nuclear security establishments. Militancy has been reduced since the start of operation and very soon this Taliban will cease to exist in Pakistan.

Nuclear assets of Pakistan are much safer than that of India. The safety of Indian nuclear power plants especially that of Tamil Nadu, is questionable https://shizaahmed90.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/indian-nuclear-plants-are-safe/

Pakistan since the birth of its nuclear program hardly faces any unpleasant incident which poses great threat to its nuclear program. On the other hand when we see Indian side we find many of nuclear incidents in their nuclear history. India is considered a country where 80 percent of nuclear plants are on those places where extremists (terrorists) has complete control. In fact US itself has faced 30 incidents while transporting nuclear material. Pakistan Nuclear Program is safe and secure. Visit of IAEA team to Pakistan showed satisfaction over nuclear security and safety of Pakistan. After the visit of PM of Pakistan in Nuclear Security Summit 2014, US it admitted that “the United States is confident that Pakistan is well aware of its responsibilities with respect to nuclear security and has secured its nuclear arsenal accordingly”. It is clear that Pakistan is doing and done its best to secure its weapons and lacking in nuclear security is not the reason Pakistan has been criticize for so long but Power Game.


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