Impact of General’s USA Visit

Impact of The Army Chief’s visit to USA

To achieve success in war against terrorism, the international community need to work in co-ordination with each other. To achieve common goal of combating the terrorism and to root out the terrorists, West need to understand the point of view of Muslim countries and Muslim countries need to take steps against extremism. The promotion of religious harmony and effective targeting of terrorists’ networks will rule out terrorism from the world.

USA and Pakistan are allies in fight against terrorism but recent military operation, Zarb-e-Azb, was launched by leadership of Pakistan by itself for country’s interest. The world needs to know the importance of Pakistan and its fight against terrorism. The Army Chief’s visit to USA was scheduled to communicate the point of view of Pakistan. Chief of Army staff General Raheel Sharif  went to US on 16th November. Washington post quoted US officials as saying that Pakistan Army’s operation against militants in North Waziristan has “boosted their confidence in Islamabad’s commitment to combating terrorist groups operating within its borders.”

Issues of Pakistan in every sense drop a regional impact. Be it terrorism, border issue, matters of national security or civil-military, they truly impact the region. Being placed in a very significant and strategic location, Pakistan own a sensitive situation. On 15th June, Pakistan initiated an offense in troubled areas of North Waziristan and from very next moments, US and Afghanistan showed their reservations with respect to Haqqani network.

Army Chief has made it clear to US security officials as well as Senate Committee on Foreign Relations’ Senators that ZarbeAzb is against all terrorists and all terrorists’ groups. During his dinner at Pakistan’s Embassy Washington, General Raheel reiterated Action against all terrorists without discrimination, and will get Pakistan rid of terrorism once for all.

ZarbEAzb is moving forward successfully. The target of operation was to clean up North Waziristan from terrorists and to remove terrorists’ hideouts. The armed forces are achieving required targets successfully. The air strikes are targeted and terrorists’ activities have decreased in the country. The political parties are now organizing their rallies because of the controlled law and order situation.

On 18th November, General Raheel was conferred with US Legion of Merit Medal for brave leadership, sagacity, vision, and efforts for peace & stability in region. On 1st December, meeting between General Raheel Sharif and US Secretary of State John Kerry held at State Department. He gave Pakistan’s perspective on regional security issues. Secretary John Kerry acknowledged Pakistan’s role in fighting terror and its sacrifices. Moreover, he praised Pakistan Army’s professionalism and called it a truly binding force

Apart from Afghanistan, US can give a suggestion to Afghanistan to consider Pakistan’s plea, terms and conditions for better and secure future. Otherwise, this whole situation just implies that either of them doesn’t want regional peace or they want dirty business to carry on. But Pakistani authorities must ensure our very own security because we have already suffered a lot. It’s not the US or Afghanistan who has bearded thousands of deaths and loss of infrastructure on the name of collateral damage.

The focus of Army Chief’s meetings was regional stability and Afghanistan. Long term relationship between US and Pakistan is important and that is what was ensured by General Raheel in his visit to USA.


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