Zarb-E-Azb, Moving ahead!

On 15th June, Pakistan initiated an offense in troubled areas of North Waziristan. ZarbEAzb is moving forward successfully. The target of operation was to clean up North Waziristan from terrorists and to remove terrorists’ hideouts. The armed forces are achieving required targets successfully. The air strikes are targeted and terrorists’ activities have decreased in the country. The political parties are now organizing their rallies because of the controlled law and order situation.

 Pakistan Army has launched operation in Khyber Agency by the name of Khyber1 on 18th October 2014. There were reports of presence of terrorists’ and militant groups in Khyber Agency.

400 militants have surrendered before the security forces in Khyber so far. Detaining of 400 terrorists is an achievement. Moreover, Top AlQaeda commander Adnan Al Shukri Aljuma with his one companion killed by Pak Army raid in South Waziristan on 6th December and 5 terrorists were nabbed. Information related to country’s security, about the working of terrorists’ groups and what can be possible upcoming terror attacks in Pakistan. The hidden network of these militant groups, their sponsors, all the relevant information can be retrieved from these terrorists if they are kept detained. Now, it is responsibility of courts to punish these criminals. The major flaw in judiciary right now is that not a single terrorist is being hanged since 2006. If these terrorists were punished by courts, the terrorism might not have made its roots as much as it has gained presently.

TTP terrorists from Afghanistan routinely intrude into Pakistani territory near border in the northwest and attack military check posts and their opponents. While Pakistan Army is cleaning up the ‘Land of Pure’ from terrorists, there are attacks on Pakistani borders from not India but also from Afghanistan. Chain of failed attacks from militants of TTP from Afghanistan is proof of how desperate the foreign (hidden) hands are to gain success in their plans to create unrest in the country.

The success of ZarbeAzb is obvious. As soon as the operation started, Pakistan army is able to clear up NorthWaziristan from terrorists and all potential terrorist attacks have been foiled. PTI and PAT dharna is going on peacefully since last one month and country has not seen any bomb blast since 15th June.It is highly overwhelming to see military and paramilitary forces successfully repulsing attacks of terrorists.

Chinese delegation praised successes of ZarbeAzb when State Councillor and Minister for Public Security, Peoples Republic of China, Guo, Shengekun called on Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Raheel Sharif at his office on 7th December. During the meeting, issues of mutual interest, regional security and measures to enhance bilateral defence and security collaboration were discussed. Guo Shengekun and other members of Chinese delegation were briefed about prevalent situation in the region. The Chinese dignitaries acknowledged Pakistan’s efforts towards fighting terrorism and regional stability and appreciated the successes achieved in the ongoing operation Zarb-e-Azb. 

Another development is that a senior TTP commander, Latif Mehsud, has reportedly been handed over to Pakistan by the US from Afghanistan. Correspondents say the repatriation of a senior Taliban figure is extremely unusual. It can improve Afghanistan-Pakistan ties and will help the security agencies to get information about other TTP terrorists as well.

The progress of the military operation ZarbEAzb is positive so far. Yet, it will be now responsibility of Government to control the law and order situation of civil administrated areas. Government has to take steps after this military offence. Political stability and economic growth can be helpful to negate control of criminals. There is need of economic development and socialization among different circles and groups of society in order to prevent the influence of TTP after ZarbeAzb.


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