IS threat

IS threat in Pakistan 

IS started with the emergence of ISIS which is a Syrian rebel group that showed resistance in Syria against the Syrian government. ISIS is nothing less than Al Qaeda which believes in extremism and killings of fellow Muslims brothers and sisters. When ZarBeAzb was started in North Waziristan few journalists shared the pictures of a wall with slogans of ISIS written on. Media has started a campaign by saying that IS has entered Pakistan. Nobody thought for a minute that from where ISIS came? What’s their source of funds?

It’s all a planted game by the western world and their hidden hands. They have imposed a war on Arab world through ISIS, the self-claimed Khalifa of IS is none but a CIA trained militant which has nothing to do with Islamic State or Islam.

Emergence of Al-Qaeda in Sub-Continent division speculates of their long stay which obviously threatens our security. Pakistan is already fighting the internal threats of terrorism, targeting the hideouts in tribal areas. At a crucial time when desperate efforts are going on, such announcements of Al-Qaeda rings bells for all the regional stakeholders. Knowing the level of enmity between Pakistan and India, this announcement could result in disasters. Pakistan being rival neighbour is always blamed for exporting terrorism. This places a lot of question marks, instigating more aggression, violence and instability.

What consequences it holds for Pakistan are numerous. Pakistan is already being blamed for exporting terrorism. Pakistan is busy in terminating terrorism from their safe havens in NWA currently. Now when regions is moving towards ending of terrorism, why Al-Qaeda has floated the idea of franchising India, targeting whole of South Asia.

So, the current situation places a lot questions. Pakistan has been hit hard by terrorism now when we are close to reach a policy, a disaster is waiting. Why this is happening when region is moving towards its end. Why is it happening when US is about to evacuate Afghanistan? Why now, when Pak-India relations are again on brink of hatred and stubbornness? Why when Pakistan is wiping out terrorism in Pakistani, finishing its influence? Is it really a conspiracy or a story written well, hitting the right time by chance? And why when TTP/Taliban’s influence is decreasing, Al-Qaeda and IS are emerging? Will this terrorism game see an end or it is a well scripted chaos to be continued?

The presence of US in Afghanistan has been irking the regional equilibrium since long. US did come to hunt the terrorists but it not only burned Afghanistan but also pulled region into a seemingly never ending war on terror. 

US came with the mindset of hunting terrorists but it all along ended up in messing the situation. What could be supposed is that things would have been different if global powers have not intervened. Now with a little proportion of success, US variedly postponed its withdrawal. Terrorists still exist there and so are the mentalities. Now Afghanistan has got more TTP holds not only grenade but an exploding mindset. Afghanistan is a ditched place, soil smells like blood, and people traumatized hating foreign forces. So, if it’s general public to decide the success rate, its 1:10 comparing to the other loss called collateral damage.

With almost 15 years of dedicated effort in exterminating terrorism, the talk of TTP-IS nexus is spicing up the situation. The question arises that why now when Pakistan is near to eliminate terrorism, the nexus is grabbing space. The previous phenomenon of terrorism has counted enough damage to Pakistan and Afghanistan and now we have a new threat standing.

The TTP-IS nexus also questions the involvement of foreign hands. IS long jump from Middle East to South Asia is not possible without a big support. With TTP already through here, it won’t be difficult for ISIS to disseminate in the region. And when TTP becomes part of nexus, foreign involvement got obvious. Just recently Indian National Security Advisor name came in news, claiming his key role in bridging TTP with ISIS. And even if we place it aside, Pakistan has Balochistan insurgency and FATA issues to quote as examples. Obviously, it is not the fertile soil of Balochistan and FATA producing piles of weaponry and ammunitions.

The recent joining by some key commanders of TTP show that IS might be planning something big but in the presence of Pakistan Army in FATA they can’t even think of entering the area. TTP is on run as Army is hunting and killing them; that is why they are taking refuge under the umbrella of IS but there is nothing to worry about because TTP’s back bone has been broken in ZarbEAzb.

TTP-IS nexus is another engagement plan for South Asia. You may call wall-chalking and posters of IS in Pakistan a sign of their presence but who knows the reality. How come media get access to sensitive documents of home department? Are these documents real or created by the so called journalists?

If IS threat is real, then Government needs to take drastic steps. Planning of security policy, arrest of IS communication system and strong co-ordination between relevant departments. Media has to play positive role in this regard. Media should not spread rumours about IS and should not create fear among public through talk shows. Media need to be responsible and should share positive aspects of Pakistan.



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