Crush TTP, How?

How we can root out TTP from Pakistan?

16th December, is the Black Day for Pakistan. More than 142 school children lost their lives in Peshawar yesterday. Condemning this incident is not enough. We all, as a nation, have to act responsibly.

Pakistan Army started military operation against terrorists in North Waziristan by name of ZarbeAzb on 15th June. This operation is progressing successfully. The target of operation was to clean up North Waziristan from terrorists and to remove terrorists’ hideouts. The armed forces are achieving required targets successfully. The air strikes are targeted and terrorists’ activities have decreased in the country. The political parties are now organizing their rallies because of the controlled law and order situation.

More than sixteen hundred local and foreign terrorists are killed by forces since the beginning of ZabeAzb’s military operation. The region has long been home to local and foreign militants who carry out attacks in Pakistan.

There is need to support our forces for the fight against terrorists. Mutual co-ordination between civil administration, political government and army is required to root out terrorism from the country. It is not the responsibility of only Pakistan Army; it is responsibility of Government to work political unity and effective policy making in order to curb terrorism.

Instead of wasting money in public rallies, why don’t our political parties spend this finance on public education and health? At this moment, we have to give final blow to terrorists and terrorism. We have to be UNITED and follow one way. Our politicians and political parties need to forget their political differences and let the nation focus on Pakistan and nation’s unity.

By improved role of politicians, media and civil administration, the nation can stay united in fight against terrorists. There is need to utilize funds for security of people. We all should keep in mind the golden words: ‘UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL’.

400 militants have surrendered before the security forces in Khyber so far. Detaining of 400 terrorists is an achievement. Moreover, Top AlQaeda commander Adnan Al Shukri Aljuma with his one companion killed by Pak Army raid in South Waziristan on 6th December and 5 terrorists were nabbed. Information related to country’s security, about the working of terrorists’ groups and what can be possible upcoming terror attacks in Pakistan. The hidden network of these militant groups, their sponsors, all the relevant information can be retrieved from these terrorists if they are kept detained. Now, it is responsibility of courts to punish these criminals. The major flaw in judiciary right now is that not a single terrorist is being hanged since 2006. If these terrorists were punished by courts, the terrorism might not have made its roots as much as it has gained presently.

The progress of the military operation ZarbEAzb is positive so far. Yet, it will be now responsibility of Government to control the law and order situation of civil administrated areas. Government has to take steps after this military offence. The much awaited decision about ‘removal of ban on capital punishment’, by PM today is the right step. Political stability and economic growth can be helpful to negate control of criminals. There is need of economic development and socialization among different circles and groups of society in order to prevent the influence of TTP after ZarbeAzb.


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