Barbarians and their apologists

Taliban are Barbarians and their apologists share the crimes

2014 can be called as year when Pakistani nation got united to fight against terrorists. Karachi Airport Attack, IDPs, and Peshawar massacre have brought sadness to the nation however ZarbEAzb brought hope and courage to the people of Pakistan. People of Pakistan unanimously called Taliban as barbarians and stand up against TTP apologists.

Multiple suicide attacks on army soldiers and innocent people made the political leadership led to the stoppage of peace talks with Taliban. The ultimate decision to fight against TTP was taken after Karachi Airport attack in June 2014. As soon as Pakistan Army started military operation against terrorists in North Waziristan by name of ZarbeAzb on 15th June. This operation is progressing successfully. The target of operation was to clean up North Waziristan from terrorists and to remove terrorists’ hideouts. The armed forces are achieving required targets successfully. The air strikes are targeted and terrorists’ activities have decreased in the country. It was because of ZarbeAzb that the political parties organized their rallies because of the controlled law and order situation. So far, 2100 barbarians have been killed in operation ZarbeAzb.

The spirit against terrorists wasn’t united among people since last 12 years. In 2014, the people of Pakistan totally got rid of sympathies for Taliban. All the political parties are on same page along with Pakistan Army.

Terrorism cannot be rooted out until and unless the ideology of terrorist alike minded or apologists of barbarians is changed. Indeed, Zarb-e-Azb is a good move for short term but for long term we need to impose educational emergency to overcome militancy and extremism.  This is possible if Government is mature, competent and honest politicians come forward.

As a nation, we need to work to root out terrorism as it isn’t only the job of army alone. Calling spade a spade is important. Politicians must move in their constituencies and educate their voters about menace of terrorism without any fear. They should also raise awareness among masses and ask them to stand against barbarians and their apologists.

Army will clear the Waziristan for us after sacrificing their men but what next. Evidently holding ground by political forces through reforms in those areas will achieve long term peace, stability and prosperity which are required.

Those who are silent on the brutality of the TTP barbarians are the ones who are the silent supporters. After the barbaric massacre of Peshawar, those who haven’t condemned it are all Taliban apologists. One of apologists of TTP is serving in the mosque of the government’s (CDA) who defends the perpetrators of Peshawar Massacre, we should shout out against it. The fate of TTP apologist Abdul Aziz must be decided soon for provoking extremism among masses. We should come out against all TTP apologists like Abdul Aziz who is threatening the entire nation. We have to say NO to all TTP apologists, they all are barbarians. Using the name of Islam for violence is the worst kind of treason anyone could do, these are zaliman, call them khwarij instead of Taliban. We should demand that ZarbeAzb be expanded to all those who oppose this operation & support these khwarjis like Abdul Aziz. We should stay united in the face of terrorism, we need to keep our voices high against Abdul Aziz who is still moving freely , just arrest warrant isn’t the solution.

Unconditional condemnation should be shown against terrorism and their apologists. Peace is the need of the hour to foil conspiracies against Pakistan and its people from such barbaric minds. Our motto is to culminate anyone spreading bad here, specially to eliminate all those supporters who are ruining the repute of our motherland. Fake Mullahs (the apologists) cannot implement Islam because they themselves are out of Islam. Humanity doesn’t support terrorism; the advocate of humanity and peace can’t withstand the propagation of terrorism.


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