Why not support Jibran Nasir?

Some people believe in writing facts from their own minds, which don’t have any reality or logical grounds. Similar kind of writing I came across recently by the name The Syed Atheist. It’s too easy to raise fingers but its hard to do something ‘positive’ practically.

The author has raised question on people of Pakistan that people were silent on Hazara killings but were mourning on Peshawar attack. Dear Syed, you are wrong. We protested against killings of Hazaras and protested throughout the country on Hazara killings. Google about protests for solidarity with Hazaras, you will get to know it. Pakistani media gave same kind of coverage to Hazaras like given to Peshawar attack because you know, its the breaking news that sells for our media channels. We need to be united either its killings of our minorities or its killings of our children in Peshawar. Don’t project us as Sunnis and Shias, project us as one entity, as Pakistanis in your blogs.

Another allegation by the author is that people who are killing Pakistanis today are the same people who were created by Pakistan Army. Dear Syed, read history with facts, Taliban and Osama Bin Laden were brain children of CIA, not ISI. Right now, Pakistan Army is removing terrorists without any discrimination, support them instead of being critical all the time. As a nation, we need to work to root out terrorism as it isn’t only the job of army alone.

1 billion dollar by US for military operations is no compensation for the financial losses that Pakistan has beared in war on terror. Pakistan has faced 100 billion loss. Here are few figures for your information given in the following links:



Pakistan launched operation ZarbeAzb for her own, not for US. If international community is funding for IDPs or giving any financial assistance to Pakistan, it is for their own interested…for world peace.

As far as criticism on Jibran Nasir is concerned, he has done right thing to protest against TTP apologist Abdul Aziz. His initiative created discussion among people specially in social media, created awareness and people now stand against not only TTP but also their apologists. The spirit against terrorists wasn’t united among people since last 12 years. People of Pakistan totally got rid of sympathies for Taliban. All the political parties are on same page along with Pakistan Army. This is short term initiative by civil society but for long term we need to impose educational emergency to overcome militancy and extremism. This is possible if Government is mature, competent and all politicians come forward. Those who are silent on the brutality of the TTP barbarians are the ones who are the silent supporters and we all should stand against them. The fate of TTP apologist Abdul Aziz must be decided soon for provoking extremism among masses. We should come out against all TTP apologists like Abdul Aziz who is threatening the entire nation. We have to say NO to all TTP apologists, they all are barbarians. Using the name of Islam for violence is the worst kind of treason anyone could do, these are zaliman, call them khwarij instead of Taliban. We should demand that ZarbeAzb be expanded to all those who oppose this operation & support these khwarjis like Abdul Aziz. We should stay united in the face of terrorism, we need to keep our voices high against Abdul Aziz who is still moving freely, just arrest warrant isn’t the solution.

Peace is the need of the time to foil conspiracies against Pakistan and its people from such barbaric minds. Fake Mullahs (the apologists) cannot implement Islam and we should condemn them.


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