Is world united against terrorism?

Terrorism is global problem that needs to be addressed by international community at all levels. Either it is UN or OIC, all countries need to make policy that could address the terrorism and terrorists’ groups. The world has faced terrorism from not only Al-Qaeda or Taliban, but also from Boko-Haram, ISIS and other terrorist organizations that have networking internationally. The international community should welcome the steps or suggestions that are proposed either by USA or by any African country because if one country is facing a terrorist today, the other country can face same terrorist or terrorist group tomorrow.

Recently, Pakistan Army spokes person, DG ISPR, Maj.Gen. Asim Bajwa gave interview to Amanpour at CNN. During interview he expressed the importance of global fight against terrorism. He also informed media about the efforts made by Pakistan against terrorism. DG ISPR raised point that the world has to focus on common enemy and that is terrorism.

He said: “This is a fight which is against an enemy who is focused and who is very clear that the whole world is their enemy. So we, the whole world, need to come together, join our hands and fight this common enemy with common resources and with common narrative.”

Operation Zarb-e-Azb is for all terrorists and Pakistan Army is targeting them without any discrimination. Today, Pakistan is passing through one of toughest phase of history, battling with terrorism internally and on eastern borders (TTP) as well on western border (India). The international community appreciates the efforts of Pakistan against terrorism especially ZarbeAzb. Communities of all countries showed solidarity with Pakistan when Peshawar school was attacked by TTP terrorists.

Pakistan’s stance on the terrorists is obvious and the whole nation is united for the elimination of the threat. DG ISPR Asim Bajwa said in his interview to CNN that the international community should support Pakistan in their fight against terrorism.

People need to understand that it is very difficult to guarantee that terrorist attacks cant happen anywhere in the world. The world has seen it what happened in Paris and has seen school shootouts in places like USA.

finacne of terrorists

There is need to be united against terrorism nationally as well as internationally. Countries need to sideline their differences and stop the finance and communication networks of terrorists. We need to tell the terrorists that we are united against them and that unity should be shown through mutual co-operation in the international community.


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