National Action Plan (NAP)

Peshawar attack on APS School was enough for the political leadership to take action against the terrorists and their apologists. Now, the leadership and the nation is standing united to wipe out terrorism and now terrorists will not find any hideout. The government constituted a federal counter-terrorism force on 26th December with immediate effect that was constituted of federal minsters and Prime Minister was leading it himself.

The said force would work under the Ministry of Defence. The force would be positioned across Pakistan and would be accountable for countering terrorism. The force would also keep contact with civilian, military-intelligence security agencies and its counter-terrorism wings.

One of the main parts of the National Action Plan is to stop printing and publication of hate material that promotes sectarianism. Constitutional amendments have been done before the Parliament which would regulate printing of such publications as illegal. As part of NAP, government has put ban on groups like Jamat ud Dawa. All the accounts of extremist groups are frozen.

Coercive action was planned against all terrorists and their supporters through National Action Plan. Country wide operations are happening in order to hunt terrorists from every niche and corner. On implementation, security officials have conducted action against at least 9000 suspected terrorists and 1710 clerics as part of a massive crackdown launched in the wake of the execution of the National Action Plan (NAP). Over 3,650 Afghan refugees are suspected of involvement in terror-related activities, were also arrested.

Official monitoring progress over the NAP reveals that the provinces have identified 267 cases of hard core terrorists. The trials of these identified terrorists will be done through military courts (though the formation and execution of military courts decision is yet, still pending).

It is hoped that NAP will not only root out terrorists from the country, but it will also root out extremism as strict action will be taken against extremists.


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