BLA surrendering

Balochistan liberation army is a terrorist group working in Balochistan.BLA is foreign funded terrorist organization that is involved in insurgency inside Balochistan. The most significant terrorist activity of BLA is burning of Quaid’s residency at Ziarat.

According to Mark Perry, CIA memos reveal that in 2007 and 2008 Israeli agents posed as American spies and recruited Pakistani citizens to work for Jundallah (BLA affiliate) and carry out false flag operations against Iran.

Harbiyar Marri is leading this terrorist group. Hyrbyair Marri is son of Baloch leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri and brother of Changez Marri (current PMLN’s MNA). After death of Nawab Kahir Bakhsh Marri, Changez Marri is leading the Marri tribe. However, Harbiyar Marri wants to take over the status of ‘Sardar of Marri Tribe’ and he is using Baloch youth to fulfil his target.

The terrorists’ activities of BLA are being funded by India and head of BLA is enjoying luxury life in UK while he is using Balochs against Pakistan.

There is no doubt in patriotism of Balochs for Pakistan. The Baloch sardars joined Pakistan willingly and vowed with Quaid-e-Azam for Pakistan. Their sacrifices for Pakistan are priceless. Since a decade, unfortunately, villagers of Balochistan who live in mountains and live hard lives are being used by those who enjoy comfortable life abroad and let these Balochs burn in grief.

The Marri tribe has rejected to be part of insurgency in the province. Recently, 12 wanted miscreants including BLA commander surrendered in front of commandant maiwand rifles in presence of numerous Government officials and media persons at Kohlu deputy commissioner’s office. The wanted miscreants were involved in several attacks on security forces and other extremism activities. Miscreants handed over their weapons into Frontier Corps custody and aimed to live peacefully in future.

The surrender of these insurgents reveals that Balochs have rejected the BLA’s agenda and are with the state of Pakistan and its peace.



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