NAP dependent on police?

Analysts say National Action Plan (NAP) will be successful if Pakistani police is depoliticized. The political interference has badly affected the performance of police to work for the peace and security of people. Situation of Karachi is perfect example that shows the condition of city due to politicization of Sindh police.

The problem Sindh government created for Karachi is that it had changed the interior secretary three times in last one month, which caused different administrative problems.  Postings and transfers in the provincial police department should be made independent and it should be without any political interference.

Problem with our political parties is that they want their hold in administration and one big blunder they do is when they try to induct policemen of their choicw. Recruitment on basis of merit is lacked in police departments specially it is seen in Sindh Police. The ruling party of Sindh always try to hinder in working of police. The postings and recruits are on political basis that affects the work and performance of provincial police.

If National Action Plan has to be implemented in its true spirit, than the depoliticization of police is key factor in success of NAP. Better coordination between the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and intelligence agencies is a must.

Ongoing targeted operation by Rangers in Karachi is against all criminals irrespective of their ethnic, political, religious and sectarian affinity and it should continue. Police should follow the same strategy and learn from the Rangers to be apolitical and non-biased.

The army chief General Raheel Sharif said in his recent visit of Karachi (16th February 2015) that he would go to any extent in support of the Karachi operation to ensure peace. He highlighted main problem of police and said that the Sindh Police must be depoliticised with the view to making it an effective apolitical force for the maintenance of law and order in Karachi. Karachi plays a key role in the country’s economy and peace in the city guaranteed prosperity for the entire country.

Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said after apex committee meeting (held at Karachi) that Pakistan is to fight the war against terrorism, failure is not an option. National Action Plan’s approval shows the commitment of country’s leadership against terrorism. For peace in our homeland, we all have to stand up against all criminals, terrorists and their apologists.


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