Well done FC!

Well done FC Balochistan!

Frontier Corps Balochistan has been working against miscreants who are creating problem for the Government as well as common people. There are different terrorists’ groups that are operating in Balochistan like BLA and BLF. Balochistan liberation army is a terrorist group working in Balochistan.BLA is foreign funded terrorist organization that is involved in insurgency inside Balochistan. 

Some of Baloch Sardars like Harbiyar Marri are leading BLA and BLF terrorist groups.

Recently, FC Balochistan seized Arms & Ammunition on identification of apprehended miscreants of outlawed terrorist organisation at Panjgur. Panjgur is a district in the west Balochistan province of Pakistan.

Panjgur is home to several archaeological sites, including centuries-old tombs, an old dam called Band-e-Gillar, remnants of a fort at Khudabadan (the historical fort of Nawab Kharan) and some remnants of the old port of Issai

In another action, the plan of terrorists to carry out terrorist activity in Dera Bugti was successfully foiled by FC. Frontier corps Balochistan disabled an IED (Improvised explosive device (which was planted on Dera Bugti Public transport road.

The work done by FC Balochistan is highly appreciatable. The target to achieve peace in the country can only be achieved if all of us cooperate with security agencies and point out if we find any suspecious activity around us.


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