Positive Pakistan!

Pakistan is facing terrorism and its fall outs since last one decade. Proxy wars of super powers and Pakistan’s enemies have badly affected the security situation of ‘land of pure’. Foreign backing terrorism and anarchic mindset has really dumped the potential of Pakistan but Pakistan will rise and shine again. Positive Pakistan is needed to fight those who are out to offend Pakistan. The menace of terrorism would be rooted out with the force of national unity and courage.

From being blamed for producing terror, Pakistan has yielded real gems, worthy and respectful, world must see those gems before tagging Pakistan with any bad name. The worthy example to be quoted here is that of Abdul Sattar Edhi, the man who served his life for the cause of humanity. Arfa Karim, the youngest Microsoft Professional, made world record and raised name of Pakistan at international level. We are proud of our Samina Baig, the mountaineer, who took up the challenge and conquered mountains.

Pakistan owns many real intelligent and smart people who can seriously outnumber terrorists and their apologists. The good example to quote here is of Jibran Nasir. We don’t only own Jibran Nasir, we own soldiers in Pakistan Army who are fighting against terrorists and there are many unsung heroes among them. Since the elimination of terrorism, extremism and sectarianism is vital for economic progress and prosperity of Pakistan; therefore it is our duty, duty of all citizens of Pakistan, to stand against terrorists and their apologists.

Despite terrorist attacks, the people of this land of pure have lived in this land since time immemorial and people are not going to allow themselves to be besieged by either those barbarians out to destroy through bombs and guns. Pakistan will rise; will rise to attain the glory again. Let us do our part to make sure it happens sooner rather than later. There is need to appreciate whats good around us, to spread positivism but we should point out wrongs that go around us either by people or by authorities.


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