Multifaceted response against terrorists

Need of multifaceted response against terrorists

Pakistan is badly affected from terrorism since last one decade. This terrorism has taken lives of more than 60,000 Pakistanis and had worse impact on economy and stability of the country. Pakistan has lost 100 billion dollars in last decade for war on terror. The finance minister Ishaq Dar said in 2013: ’The estimated losses to economy on this account so far stand at around $100 billion.’

There is need to crush down terrorism and terrorists from the land of pure i.e. Pakistan for the economic growth and development. We cannot have stable economy until and unless the curse of terrorism is defeated successfully. Peace and stability will bring economic progress and growth.

Pakistan army is doing its job by crushing terrorists in ZarbeAzb. ZarbeAzb has reached its final stage and now our brothers of North Waziristan will go to their home this march. National Action Plan has enabled country wide intelligence operations against terrorists and their hideouts. Moreover, TTP apologists won’t stay free.

If National Action Plan has to be implemented in its true spirit, than the unity of nation is a key factor in success of NAP. It is hoped that NAP will not only root out terrorists from the country, but it will also root out extremism as strict action will be taken against extremists.

The work done by Pakistani soldiers for peace and stability of the region are priceless and are being acknowledged nationally and internationally. The Pakistani nation needs to be united against terrorism. These terrorists dont have any religion. They are defaming name of Islam and Pakistan. It’s not only Army’s nor LEA’s task alone to fight against terrorists. Multifaceted response is required.  All political and religious parties need to sideline their differences and have to take unanimous stand against terrorists and their apologists. The terrorists should get to know that the whole Pakistani nation stand against them. Only then we can get rid of terrorism. The unity against terrorists will ensure the ultimate success of Zarb-e-Azb.


5 thoughts on “Multifaceted response against terrorists

  1. ars1947

    You seem to be very focused on the army, but nonetheless, Pakistan would be doing so much better with another government in place. We need people who will help us prosper instead of selling us out to the highest bidders. We need a no nonsense administration that will rebuild infrastructure and go from there

    1. Shiza Ahmed Post author

      Thanks for ur comment 🙂 I write mostly on current issues & terrorism. These days actions taken by armed forces against terrorists are really appreciable. Being patriot, i feel i should appraise their good work for Pakistan.

      1. ars1947

        I’ve been trying to find blogs on Pakistan political news for a long time, I’m glad I found this one. I think we need more in depth coverage of what’s really happening to get a good idea of what we still need to work on improving.

  2. Musab Ammad Khan

    Nice observation, it seems that you think Army is a Messiah for this country. I do have a counter thought let it be. Just that zarb-e-azb from the 2nd month when it’s started, 90% area is cleared. Yet that 10% area where these militant are hiding still causing pain in whole country.
    On a contrary, after this mission no concrete planning was carried out in order to counter the outcome of this operation resulting dilemma to whole nation.


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