Importance of parade on 23rd March

In my childhood, the 23rd march used to be the day full of joy when we used to wakeup early morning to watch mighty parade. The event used to be open for common citizens and anyone could easily watch the parade live.

The so called liberals raise a question: ’Why we should celebrate 23rd March’?

A simple reply to them: ‘Why not? Why no salute to be given to national heroes who struggled for Pakistan and protection of its ideology?’

It is very unfortunate that we can celebrate foreign festive days like valentine day but cannot give honour to our national days. There is need to sensitize our people about our heroes, about those personalities who have done a lot for Pakistan.

The importance of 23rd march 1940 can never be denied in history of Pakistan because this was the day on which 14th August 1947, creation of Pakistan, was based. The celebrations of 23rd March every year used to had a full military and civilian parade in the capital i.e. Islamabad.

The parade used to be the best part of 23rd march. Children, young students and old citizens…everyone used to be excited to watch the parade. All armed forces of Pakistan projected their new weapons on this parade. The last parade was done on 2007.

Now the country’s leadership has decided to hold parade on 23rd March this year. From 2008 onwards, the event wasn’t held due to security reasons. Bomb blasts and terrorism had badly affected the state and armed forces were busy in fighting against terrorism.

It’s happening now after gap of eight years. Libidos again mourning why this parade going to be held when nation is facing war. The simple answer to them is that ZarbeAzb is about to complete when IDPs will be sent back to their homes. Terrorists and their hideouts are destroyed in tribal areas specially North Waziristan. Thats why there is no need to delay the parade.

Parade is symbol of unity, a source of energy for the patriots. This parade has to be held and we need to show the world that Pakistan has successfully beaten terrorism.


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