Extremism: The Curse


This is to not recommend that average Pakistanis actively embrace or advocate violent ideology. However, average Pakistanis do typically relate to, justify, and refuse to categorically condemn the ideologies driving violent ideology – even once it directly impacts their lives within the variety of suicide bombings or militant attacks. This accommodation of the extremist mental attitude creates political area and a favourable atmosphere for radical teams to thrive in. Consider the problem of terrorism as an example. Most Pakistani’s area unit convinced that the foundation reason for terrorist act in their country is that the US occupation of Asian country.

Devastating militant attacks area unit habitually goddamn on ‘foreign powers’ make an attempt to destabilize the country – despite the very fact that native militants, like the Tehrik-i-Taliban West Pakistan, overtly claim responsibility for these attacks. Yet, publicly discourse few commentators area unit willing to categorically condemn ideology or settle…

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