Thank you COAS!

Thank you Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Raheel Sharif

Finally the parade is held on 23rd March, the most awaited event nation was looking for. It  happened after gap of 8 years…After 8 years of fearless fight against terrorism. Hats off to our forces, our soldiers who are fighting this war against terrorists since last protect us, to save us and our children from the curse of terrorism.

Parade was great decision by Pak Army, thanks to Chief of Army staff for taking this decision. Nation was in dire need to see parade that used to be held on 23rd march. The roars of JF-17 thunder and courgae of soldiers shown during parade raised the morale of all Pakistanis. This year’s parade brought smiles on sad faces…  sad facesof women, chidren and old ones who have seen terrorist attacks. Our enemies demoralized our people through terror attack but this year’s parade will not only boost morale of terrorized and demoralized nation but of the army itself.

The nation needs unity and our national days bring us united. Its the task of leadership how to utilize these national days and bring the nation together and our COAS has done the same and proved himself as real national leader.


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