TTP terrorists’ hunt in Afghanistan

The improvement in Pak-Afghan relations and frequent visit of Pakistan Army officials has led to military operation against TTP terrorists in Afghanistan. As part of intensifying effort against TTP Afghan terrorist bases, on  Tuesday, US drone strike killed nine TTP militants in Afghanistan.

This recent US drone strike has killed these terrorists in Nangarhar province on 24th March. It is said that it is part of an intensifying drone campaign against Pakistani terrorists who have safe havens in Afghanistan.

Pakistan is doing intelligence sharing with US and Afghanistan and now Afghanistan has military ties with Pakistan. Reuters reported that diplomats hope Pakistan can pressure Afghan Taliban to negotiate but Pakistan has also said it wants to see action taken against Pakistani insurgents with bases in Afghanistan.

 Hunting of TTP terrorists in Afghanistan was required. It is overwhelming to see that forces in Afghanistan are taking action against militants who are involved in terrorist attack in Pakistan. Peace in Pak-Afghan region isnt far if both countries continue to support each other in the fight against terrorism.


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