Peace in Karachi

The month of march is significant with respect to marvelous job done by Rangers in Karaachi…any guess whats that??

o yes, you are right…i am talking about the raid of Rangers on 90 MQM office. This raid confirmed that security forces are determined against terrorism and criminal groups who are involved in it.

The law and order situation had been very critical in Karachi since last few years. It was already been established that political parties in Karachi has militant wings. Therefore, security forces had to take action against them. There is need of political consensus against militant wings that are in political parties.

Karachi is ¬†economic hub of Pakistan. Progress of Pakistan is linked with restoration of peace in this ‘city of lights’. We should support our law enforcement agencies against terrorism. Yesterday, Chief of Army Staff, Gen Raheel Sharif said: ‘we have to give our future generation a terror free Pakistan.Taking terrorism head on for elimination in totality.’

The determination of Pakistan army and law enforcement agencies is obvious. The political parties, all stake holders and the people..the us…should support LEAs to clean up not only Karachi but whole country from menace of terrorism.


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