Military Courts!

Military Courts have started working now!

After APS Peshawar school attack, national leadership decided to take action against terrorists and their apologists. The long awaited National Action Plan (NAP) was approved by parliament. Military courts have been established in Pakistan under 21 Amendment and now working effectively against terrorists. The duration of military courts will be two years.

It had been unfortunate for Pakistan that no terrorist was hanged since 2006 due to which terrorism established its roots country wide. If judiciary had taken responsibility and would had hang terrorists, there would had been no need of establishing military courts.

We all should show unconditional condemnation against terrorism and their apologists. Our motto is to culminate anyone spreading bad here, especially to eliminate all those supporters who are ruining the repute of our motherland.

Humanity doesn’t support terrorism; the advocate of humanity and peace can’t withstand the propagation of terrorism. The human rights organizations instead of doing propaganda against military courts, must re-evaluate their point of view as peace is the need of the hour to foil conspiracies against Pakistan.

As soon as hard core terrorists will be hanged, the sooner the terrorism will fade away. Yesterday, military spokesperson DG ISPR, Maj. Gen. Asim Bajwa, confirmed death sentence of 6 hard core terrorists tried by military courts. These terrorists were involved in heinous act of terror, men slaughter, suicide bombing, and loss of life and property.

The working of military courts has given hope to people that terrorists will get their destiny as they will be hanged. The judiciary need to show their national responsibility and should not spare these terrorists.


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