No to Yemen War

All Pakistanis wanted that Pakistani troops should not be sent to Yemen and parliament took right decision on 10th April, according to will of the people, and has decided to remain neutral on Yemen issue. This is the need of time; Pakistan cannot select one among his two brothers i.e Yemen and Saudia Arabia.

Pakistan should play a role of mediator on Yemen crisis. Both are Muslim countries and they should not fight with each other. Yesterday, Prime minister Nawaz Sharif said in a press conference that parliament’s resolution on Yemen is in accordance with Government’s policy.

Most probably, the government will take the decision that is in accordance with parliament’s resolution.  People of Pakistan have realized that there are follow backs when the country becomes part of proxy war. It is wise decision taken by parliament as Pakistan is only Muslim country that is nuclear power and can mediate dialogue between Yemen and Saudia Arabia.

The tensions between Iran and Saudia Arabia are clearly showing up in regional conflicts specially in case of Yemen crisis. There is need of resolving these tensions through dialogue and discussion. Pakistan shares a long border with Iran and Tehran is as important to Islamabad as that of Riyadh.

Pakistan is fighting war against terrorism and Pakistani forces are busy in clearing the country from terrorists. There is need of our forces here in Pakistan rather than sending them to Yemen. The main focus of Government should be terrorists’ free Pakistan instead of getting the forces dragged in foreign conflicts.

The Arab world needs to realize that Pakistan can be their brotherly Muslim country, but it has its own foreign policy that is being made by a democratically elected government. Saudi Arabia has enough weapons in its armory to fight its wars, and we have enough war against terrorism (of our own) to fight. Nation supports the government position in Yemen’s matter and endorse the statement given by the prime minister.


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