Why media behaves irresponsible for Balochistan?

The province of Balochistan has remained focal point for media since last few years. Main reason is the emerge of grand Gawadar port. Proper functional Gawadar port will bring prosperity not only Baloch people but also to all Pakistan. It is a known fact that Gawadar port will help in increasing regional trade, from Afghanistan and China to Middle East and Europe.

With the development of Gawadar port, the value of seaports of India, Iran and Dubai will decrease. Thats why our enemies keep trying to create fuss wrt Gawadar port through media and through their funded terrorists groups like BLA, BRA and BRF. 

The recent warm developments of Pakistan with Afghanistan and China has made our enemy mad. India is doing propaganda with respect to security and Gawadar port not only through their own media but they also fund few Pakistani media houses to generate propaganda about Balochistan. Side by side, they fund Baloch separatist groups like BLA, BRA etc. and try to create unrest in the province.

Media needs to be more responsible and should boycott those black sheeps that are ruining the entire media industry. There is need of hour to impose media ethics and PEMRA rules strictly. Media houses should keep check on their journalists and like wise journalists should keep an eye on their media owners. The more is the implementation of media ethics and rules, the more are the chances of growth of responsible and reliable media for Pakistan. Media needs to realize and spread positive message with respect to operations against terrorists; these military operations conducted by Frontier Corps is for the peace of Balochistan and are not against Balochs. As soon as peace prevails in Balochistan, there will be more development in the province.


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