Foreign agenda in Balochistan: to keep Balochs in darkness

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan and richest province with respect to natural resources. That’s why it is in the eyes of enemies. Our enemies always tried to malign minds of our Baloch brothers and thats why created negative propaganda among people through media about development projects of Balochistan.

The terrorists’ groups, like BLA BRA and BLF, are working in Balochistan for our enemies. They create insurgency in Balochistan so that development projects wont be accomplished. These insurgents don’t want to see people of Balochistan progressing forward.

The main focus of Chinese 46 billion dollars amount is Gawadar port and Balochistan. The more is the investment in the province, the more will be the development in Balochistan. The purpose of terrorists is to halt the progress in the province.

But the security agencies specially FC Balochistan will never allow the purpose of these insurgents to come true. People should stand by law enforcement agencies so that peace can prevail not only in Balochistan but in whole Pakistan.


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