Pakistan’s Relief Efforts for Nepal

Pakistan’s relief work for Nepal Earthquake Victims

Do you know any army of the world who is engaged in fight at borders and fighting inside the country too against terrorists as well as do relief work for national and international disasters? Well i believe, that it is only one army in the world that is capable of doing all these tasks simultaneously and that is my Pakistan Army.

The recent Nepal Earthquake has taken lives of more than seven thousand people. In order to help Nepal Earthquake victims, Pakistan sent Pak army troops for rescue of people. Pakistan not only sent relief goods to Nepal through C-130 but also set up field hospital. Two births have taken place in Pakistani field hospital and Nepalese people have given them names of Lahore and Pakistan to show their love and respect for Pakistan.

Yesterday, two C-130 aircrafts from Pakistan are sent that carried relief goods comprising of 700 tents and 400 kg medicines. This aid will be used for the relief of earthquake victims of Nepal.

Pakistan’s relief efforts were also acknowledged by Nepal Army Chief General Gaurav SJB Rana. He said that Nepal will remember Pakistan’s relief efforts.

Pakistan believes in regional harmony and always played positive role to bring stability in the region. Whether its neighbouring or it is SAARC country, Pakistan has tried to maintain good relations with all. The sincere efforts of Pakistan for Nepal earthquake victims reveals that Pakistan has been doing work for keeping amity in the region.


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