Karachi will rise

Karachi is economic hub of Pakistan. Instability in Karachi definitely has impact on country with respect to economy.  Therefore, peace in Karachi has been foremost priority of authorities. The purpose of Karachi operation is to remove terrorists and their hideouts. The street crimes specially ransom kidnapping, and target killings are most common in Karachi. 

Since the operation in Karachi started, the crimes and terrorists’ activities have reduced many folds. The way Rangers are doing apolitical operation, without any discrimination(forexample raid on MQM’s head office at nine-zero), has given hope to the nation that peace will come in Karachi. But…..still the recent attack on Ismaelis (Safoora attack) in Karachi has raised questions on Karachi operation. 

It is so easy to criticize law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and raise fingers on their performance. But does the criticizers know that how old the decision of Karachi operation is? Years….No…months…yes this decision was taken few months before. Karachi is huge city of approximately 23.5 million people and area of around 3,527 square kilometers, resulting in a density of more than 6,000 people per square kilometer.  So it is not easy to clear heavily dense city. 

The law and order situation had been very critical in Karachi since last few years. It was already been established that political parties in Karachi has militant wings. There is need of political consensus against militant wings that are in political parties.

Progress of Pakistan is connected to restoration of peace in Karachi, ‘the city of lights’. We all should support our law enforcement agencies against terrorism. All the political parties, all the stake holders and everyone including me should support LEAs to clean up Karachi from terrorists. Karachi’s clean up will ensure peace in the city and the peace will ensure the progress and development.


The commitment of law enforcement agencies is obvious. Karachi will rise again, for us, for the people of Pakistan.


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