Dear Media! Say No to Ratings..

Media: Yes to national interests and No to ratings…

Media is fourth pillar of state and is playing very important role with respect to country’s image. Media is the most powerful tool of communication with the people. It promotes the right things on right time. It gives a real exposure to the masses about right and wrong. Although, media is linked with spreading fake news like a fire, but it also helps in informing us about the truth too.

In current situation of Pakistan, Pakistani media needs to play a very important role for the society. Pakistani media has taken freedom of media as a weapon to propagate some one else’s agenda and those media houses are obvious. For example, GEO is exploiting the AXACT scandal to defame upcoming channel BOL. Right now, no allegation has been proven by FIA against BOL. Then why so much propaganda infront of world when no allegation is proven. Instead of focusing on ratings, media needs to be logical and should focus on national issues.

Newspapers and news channels are mouthpiece of some social issues, which enable us to know about the realities of lives. Media has played a vital role to focus on the social issues in almost every era. We can’t oppose this fact that the matters were always raised by media in order to provide justice to the people. Pakistani Media has increased it’s chain in this era, and many cases and issues were brought infront of masses which show us that we are restricted in the barriers of many difficulties and issues that has to be sought out.

Sadly, Pakistani mainstream media is ultimately controlled by some one else and it seems that they have kept aside issues of national interest. They spread rumors and misinform people and misguide them on national issues. For example, foreign news and foreign media work is projected more as compared to achievements made by Pakistanis. For instance, the achievements made by law enforcement agencies to curb terrorism need to be projected more than projecting Indian movies and Indian news.

Dear media, please reject the ratings…and say yes to issues of national interests!


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