Propaganda against Pakistan

Propaganda against Pakistan wrt Terrorism

After CPEC signed between Pakistan and China, new conspiracies come in picture and fade away. One of them is about recent documentary “Among the Believers” premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. It is directed by Hemal Trivedi a Hindu from India and Mohammad Ali Naqvi a Pakistani Muslim. The documentry is regarding the Red Mosqure (Lal Masjid).

This documentary highlights that Red mosque prepares children as young as 5 for jihad.  Lal Masjid is network comprises of 30 schools and an army of 10,000 students.  The humiliation to Lal masjid’s cleric Abdul Aziz dented his credibility as well increased it. Govt intervention in 2007 seemed to strengthen public support. Red mosque central library named after bin laden.  Extremist students of jamia hafsa released a video in support of ISIS.

After APS Peshawar School attack, the mosque’s cleric Abdul Aziz refused to condemn the attack of dec 16. Students of the mosque aren’t looked after properly.

The documentary featured Pakistan as a deeply divided city. Minority extremists taking over majority of moderate Pakistanis. Pakistani way of life is under threat. Film declares itself that it provides balanced portrait of cleric. Government is blamed for systemic problems, creating vacuum filled by radical cleric.

The objective of documentary is to present extremist face of the capital with an example. It prepares minds of audience to expect danger in future. The purpose of this documentary seems to provoke sentiments of home audience.

The documentary is informative on the one hand and biased on the other end. There is need to consider following points:

  1. It has been very carefully prepared with a purpose to meet certain objectives. One message is for the West that Pakistan is overlooking the activities of Red Mosque which is a threat in future in terms of extremism. The other message is for the Pakistani’s that they are in danger of losing their freedom and way of life if extremism prevails.
  2. The other important aspect is that the documentary is already prepared with a biased mind but claims are made to be balanced. The cleric is shown to be running a Madrassah Network with strict rules observed and preparing young children for Jihad through mind con techniques. While on the other hand the cleric himself watches movies and documentaries and justifies by relating them to the marvels of the Creator.
  3. The attitude and mindset of the extremists is attributed to the weak system of governance thus providing opportunities to the hardliners to step in and take con. In the way the doc has tried to kill two birds with one stone. Provoking sentiments of the gen public for failure of Govt and presenting the city as having a weak Govt.
  4. Majority of people watching such docs are foreigners without any background knowledge of Islam and the concept of Jihad. They are not aware of cultural norms and values of society. The theme and messages in the doc are accepted as they view it. Their attitude, pt of view and reaction is based on the preparations made, altered or modified by watching such videos. They donot have any source of finding out or verifying the actual realties or interpretation of concepts.
  5. It is also important to role that when Pakistan is using full force to eliminate terrorism why such doc has been prepared and launched at the crucial time. This shows the lack of clarity and support on the issue of makers as well as the promoters. It also brings to face the heinous mindset and propaganda designs of the negative elements.

Keeping in view all of the above, there is need of awareness about such propaganda tactics which are actually meant to divide the nation. Authenticity of info in the doc and nec measures to be taken if something negative comes up. Govt’s stance to be clear while dealing with such issues. There is need of rebuttal from relevant depts. 




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