Watch Your Army’s Back, If You Want Them to Lay Their Lives for You

Pakistan: Politically Unpolitical

Aasef Chauhdry

Whenever there is injustice done to the army it reminds me of the French general and one of the presidents Charles De Gaulle, who once made a historical statement and I quote, “One army has to stay in your country and if it’s not yours then certainly the enemy’s.”It is the utter bad luck, doubtlessly of Pakistan Army that the services rendered by them to the nation and the country in every field have gone unnoted and unacknowledged, ever since the independence. May that be any war, natural calamity, in aid of civil power or fight against terrorism. Unfortunately in Pakistan, everyone behaved ignorant and always.

Three main areas where Pakistan army’s services are invariably ignored or never acknowledged are; natural calamity e.g. floods, earthquake and other natural disasters, political anarchy and the war against terrorism. Let’s take all the three one by one.

The major parts of…

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