Crush BLA to save Balochistan

Enemies of Pakistan were expecting no investment and development in Pakistan because they were supporting their funded terrorism in Pakistan. Pak-China Economic corridor (PCEC) has made it obvious in front of world that Pakistan has successfully beaten terrorism and now Pakistan will rise.

Recent bus attack in Matung Balochistan has taken away 21 lives from us. It was terrorist activity planned by militants to sabotage peace of Balochistan. Baloch liberation army (BLA) is being funded by RAW. There is need of operation like ZarbeAzb against BLA.

If we want to save Balochistan, we all should be united against terrorist organizations like BLA, BRA, and BLF. All those liberals, who are creating propaganda that BLA militants are ‘naraz Balochs’, are totally wrong. These militants are funded by foreign agencies specially RAW.

Recent statement by Sartaj Aziz sums up all the idea. He said: ‘Pakistan’s enemies will not succeed in sabotaging the PCEC.’

We all need to support FC Balochistan as they are conducting operations against BLA.


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