We stand against Proxies!

The recent statement by Indian external affairs minister Sushma Suraj has given statement that Indian PM Modi has told China that CPEC is unacceptable for India. This reveals the reality of Modi’s Government. India’s reaction and outburst on the China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) project has exposed its real face in front of the world. 

Pak-China Economic Corridor (CPEC) will not only benefit Pakistan, but it will help in economic growth and development of whole region. There will be economic activity in Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Iran, Central Asian countries and it will connect South and Central Asia to Middle East.

The reaction of Modi’s Government has made it obvious that Indian Government is against the economic growth of not only Pakistan but whole region.

In response to Indian aggression at diplomatic level, Sartaj Aziz said that Pakistan will expose Indian involvement in creating unrest in Pakistan in upcoming Washington visit.

In order to sabotage CPEC, India is already funding proxies in Pakistan. It is being accepted by Indian foreign minister that India are fighting against Pakistan through terrorism.

Yesterday, Pakistan’s Government has responded to Indian statements through interior minister Chaudhry Nisar. He said: “Coupled with the recent statement of the defence minister of India which blatantly and unashamedly accepted responsibility for terrorism in Pakistan, this recent statement of intent by the Indian prime minister clearly shows India’s intentions not only to destabilise Pakistan but also to use any means at its disposal to keep Pakistan backward and underdeveloped.” He said that the people of Pakistan and the entire political and military leadership were united to fight, frustrate and defeat all themes of terrorism from wherever they were generated. Interior minister vowed about Indian violations at LoC and human rights violation in Indian occupied Kashmir.

The minister emphasized on peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute. Yesterday’s statements of interior minster are reiterated by Chief of Army staff today. Army Chief said that Pakistan is united against proxies, we will defeat enemies of Pakistan and their designed proxies. Army Chief has emphasized on resolution of Kashmir dispute in accordance to UN resolutions. He termed Kashmir as ‘unfinished agenda’. 

The involvement of India in Balochistan and funding of RAW to banned terrorists organizations like BLA, BRA, BLF and TTP shows how serious India is in peace talks with Pakistan.

For peace and stability in the region, it is important to resolve Kashmir issue and to flourish economic activity in the region. India should realize that 1/3 of this region’s population will be benefited from CPEC. Instead of funding proxies and sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan, India should focus on development of its population. 


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