Proxy play in media!

The importance of media has made it stand as fourth pillar of state. Media is the face of any country and most of the world’s media channels and newspapers represent good face of their nation.

It is very unfortunate that Pakistani mainstream media is being controlled by someone else and it looks like that they have kept aside country’s image and national interest. They scatter rumors and misguide people on national issues. For example, foreign news and foreign media work is projected more as compared to achievements made by Pakistanis.

We can see some faces in our media that keep doing propaganda against national security forces. Hamid Mir and Najam Sethi are main journalists who keep on propagating false theories against Pakistan Army and ISI. They blame army and intelligence agencies for unrest in Balochistan instead of curbing and blaming BLA, BRA and other baloch separatists. They promote people like Mama Qadir who do false propaganda. Similar face is that of Asma Jahangir. Being human rights activist, she do more propaganda against Pakistani security agencies. Media houses should remove such black sheeps from their company.

There is need to project achievements made by law enforcement agencies. To curb terrorism, there is need to be project more about positive Pakistan rather than projecting Indian movies and Indian news.

. media focus


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