Importance of ZarbeAzb

ZarbeAzb was launched last year on 15th June. One year of operation ZarbeAzb will complete just after 5 days. The operation in North Waziristan was launched after Karachi airport attack. The parliament passed resolution in favour of ZarbeAzb on 17th June 2014. All political leadership was united against terrorism and supported this operation.

The success of ZarbeAzb can be checked from the move of opposition parties to hold protests against ruling parties after around two months. This dharna prolonged for about three months peacefully. There was no terrorist attack nor any blast on the protests which proves that Army had successfully finished terrorists and their hideouts.

Two thousand terrorists have been killed in North Waziristan since last one year. Country wide intelligence based operations were launched after approval of National Action Plan. Karachi operation was started and rangers had been successfully taking action against TTP, banned religious groups. Even Rangers raided nine zero office of MQM which shows that militant wings in any political party will not be tolerated.

According to Guardian, there is huge drop in polio cases this year. Now,  vaccinators reach people more easily after the military operation against terrorists. There has be 70% lesser cases of polio current year. ZarbeAzb has allowed vaccinators to reach areas previously off-limits because of attacks of militants.

Government is able to hold by election in Karachi and local bodies elections all over Pakistan because of peace and stability that ZarbeAzb has brought. Government is able to launch metro-bus service in twin cities after successful launch of ZarbeAzb.

International cricket in Pakistan was not played since 2009 when Srilankan cricket team was attacked by terrorists. Cricket restored in Pakistan this year and Zimbabwe team visited Pakistan and played T-20 and ODI series in Lahore. This is one of the fruits of ZarbeAzb.

Moreover, 23rd march parade and Chinese President visit to Islamabad proves how Pakistan has successfully defeated ZarbeAzb. China will now invest 46 billion dollars in Pakistan.

We should stand by our armed forces in order to defeat terrorism. We should be united to get rid of menace of terrorism and have peace in our homeland. ZarbeAzb will not only bring peace in Pakistan but will also bring peace in whole region.


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