One Year of ZarbeAzb

Its been one year today since the launch of ZarbeAzb. 15th June 2014 stand as significant year when whole nation, unitedly, joined hands against terrorism and Pakistan army was given the responsibility to remove terrorists and their hideouts by operation ZarbeAzb.

During last one year, Pakistan Army has made significant achievements in FATA specially North Waziristan Agency & Khyber. The strong holds of terrorists and communication Infrastructure along with sanctuaries have largely been cleared. Operation ZarbeAzb has moved to last few pockets that are close to Pak-Afghan border. 2763 terrorists are killed and 837 hide outs of terrorists are being destroyed. So far, 253 tons explosive has been recovered.

After implementation of National Action Plan, 9000 intelligence based operations have apprehended one thousand terrorists, abettors & has killed 218 hardcore terrorists in cities. During ZarbeAzb, 347 officers and soldiers have embraced shahadat.

According to ISPR,18087 weapons including HMG,LMG, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, AK-47s are being searched out of terrorists hide outs from North Waziristan agency. Whole nation has come together to eliminate terrorism from Pakistan. Media and civil society has playing very positive role to help in ending menace of terrorism.

The nation is now seeing the fruits of ZarbeAzb and how important it has been for Pakistan. The completion of one year of Zarb-e-Azb is a clear message that Pakistan is determinant to eliminate terrorism and bring back peace in the region. For ZarbeAzb, the whole nation is standing together to support military and thats why it has become a success. Terrorists will have to either surrender or they will be eliminated. Zarb-e-Azb was surely a defining moment for Pakistan;so far the achievements of ZarbeAzb have been significant.

The whole nation needs to be united more now in order to eliminate menace of terrorism from the country. Military operations will crush terrorists and we need unity to crush extremist mind set.


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