Balochistan heading towards normality


Balochistan is considered as one of the richest soil on earth containing natural resources & Gwadar Port.  It borders the geopolitical regions of the Middle East and Southwest Asia, Central Asia and South Asia providing the shortest route from seaports to Central Asia. Its geographical location has placed the otherwise isolated region in the scope of competing global interests for all of recorded history and would complete seaports around the world.

Balochistan with such an important Geo location has always been an economic threat for our neighbor countries. Earlier state couldn’t give due importance to Balochistan in terms of development & growth, which lead  an opportunity for our enemies to arouse insurgencies in the region, provoking local leaders against the state policies and preparing them for armed rebellion. They not only funded but also injected their proxies and started destabilizing peace of Balblogochistan.

There was no other option left for state…

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