Zardari: The Corruption Monger

The Hate speech against army by PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari last week shows how much he feels himself in trouble due to operation in Karachi.

Karachi operation is launched by the aim to remove terrorism from the city. The APEX committee assigned the task to Rangers and Rangers leading the Karachi operation. The work done by Rangers for bringing back peace in the city is highly appreciable.

The mafias of Karachi were choked effectively and this operation is on going without any discrimination. Few jawans have embraced shahadat in countering terrorists. The most important thing revealed during Karachi operation is that some of political parties have militant wings and are involved in ransom kidnappings and target killings. Corps Commander Karachi had already revealed it in detail.

Earlier this month, DG Rangers revealed about land mafia working in Karachi. He revealed that 230 billion rupees are yearly collected by land mafia in Karachi. A  crackdown by Rangers was done on land grabbers via raiding the head office of Sindh Building Control Authority (KBCA). Rangers checked and retrieved all the record. It was revealed that land worth hundreds of billions of rupees had been occupied by land mafia with the help of SBCA’s officials. That land was mostly grabbed in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and North Nazimabad.

Though DG Rangers didn’t take name of any political party and everyone thought it must be done by MQM. But Zardari’s hate speech against Karachi operation revealed ‘who is the real culprit.’

Its been obvious how much corruption Zardari has done and he is famous by the name of Mr. 10%. Sources say that Zardari’s main headache that will expose him is the arrest of Ayyan Ali and Uzair Baloch. Moreover, there are linkages of Karachi’s land mafia with PPP and Zardari.

In order to malign the image of army, Sindh government approved 15 years old claim of land for Shuhadas. 9600 acres land was being asked for martyrs during Musharraf’s reign in 2001 and it was rejected at  that time. Approving that claim now, after Zardari’s speech, is a political move to show people that Army is doing all these operations just for the sake of land.

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Shuhadas donot only belong to Pakistan Army, they belong to Pakistan and they are the pride of Pakistan. CM Sindh should apologize for this deed. All stakeholders including all political parties should support efforts of Rangers and LEAs for their work against terrorists. LEAs are rooting out the roots of terrorism by taking action against mafias. Instead of thinking of personal agenda, politicians should think of collective benefits that will be brought through Karachi operation.


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