Terrorism ending in Pakistan

During last one year, its been observed that there is tremendous fall down in terrorist attacks in Pakistan.  Bomb blasts and terrorist activities have decreased. Newsweek and other international media channels have given reports of the progress of Pakistan made against terrorism. It is because of ZarbeAzb and implementation of National Action Plan. Moreover, the Intelligence based operations (IBOs) have helped in rooting out terrorists hideouts from urban areas too.

Either its improvement in polio campaign or its revival of international cricket, the credit goes to law enforcement agencies to remove the terrorists and their hideouts. The struggle of Pakistan forces to eliminate menace of terrorism is priceless work. Whether its Karachi operation or operation against Banned outfits (like BLA, BRA etc) in Balochistan, LEAs (law enforcement agencies) have reached the targets successfully and the crimes have decreased in these provinces. Peace in Pakistan is coming back, yet the determination of armed forces to root out terrorism from all over Pakistan still stands which is obvious from the statements of Army Chief.

One of the major break through with respect to peace in Balochistan is T20 Cricket Cup Balochistan. Like last year in 2014, this year FC Balochistan is organizing T20 Cricket Cup at Bugti Stadium, Quetta. Opening ceremony of this T20 cricket cup tournament was held on 26th June 2015. This tournament proves that Baloch banned outfits have failed and foreign funded groups like BLA, BRA, BLF are taking last breath.

Moreover, the battle in North Waziristan is now limited to few pockets of terorrists that are near Pak-Afghan borders. IDPs are going home and peace is coming back in Waziristan. Recently, air Strikes in North Waziristan has killed 23 militants.

Like wise, the situation in Karachi is improving. Rangers are taking action against militant wings of political parties too. This operation is conducted without any discrimination.

The IBOs are continued in urban areas. One of the recent example is of action taken in Ferozabad (near Lahore) in which four terrorists are being killed. In short, the terrorism is taking last breath in Pakistan and peace will prevail in the country soon. But there is need of unity among us and we should keep supporting LEAs for the work they are doing to get rid of terrorism.


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