National Resolve for Military Courts

The fruits of ZarbeAzb are now being appreciated by international media and diplomatic community as well. A day before yesterday Jesper Sorensen, Denmark’s ambassador to Pakistan, praised efforts of Pakistan against terrorism. Number of suicide attacks in Pakistan have reached lowest since 2006. Credit goes to law enforcement agencies for their efforts against terrorism. Pakistan Army’s fight against militants in North Waziristan has brought peace and stability in the country.


The current military command is focusing on one goal and that is ‘No Compromise on Pakistan’. Although some political parties and a specific group of society tried to drag PakArmy into politics, but… the military command kept the focus on borders and national security of the country. The continued military success against terrorists and their outfits proves the focal point of army.

in order to eliminate terrorism from Pakistan, military operation is not the only factor that will provide victory. Quick judicial action against convicted terrorists is also required. Thats why military courts were being approved by the parliament and their working has decreased the crime rate and suicide attacks. Military Courts are essential to execute and punish the terrorists as judiciary not only has freed more than 2000 terrorists but also given them opportunity to rejoin the terrorist organizations.

ZarbeAzb is against all terrorist groups without any discrimination and same is expected from the military courts as well. Civil-military understanding on military courts is obvious from the legal shelter provided by the parliament. Military courts will strengthen the current judicial system and present judiciary will be able to give strong decisions against terrorists after span of two years. It is important plan for the various challenges that the state is facing in maintaining peace and security in the region.

The Pakistani nation is reclaiming Pakistan from the clutches of adversity. This nation has seen tough time due to terrorism but the dark time is coming to its end. We are on the way towards prosperity. Fall down of suicide attacks and CPEC is proof of this. The whole nation is united against terrorism and stands with Pakistan Army. To bring sustainable peace in this country, military courts are essential. End of terrorists will bring peace not only in Pakistan but also in this region.


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