Indian boat scandal exposed

This New Year, India stage drama of blowing up its own boat near its border by stating that it was being blown up by Pakistan. On this boat issue, 6 months before, Deputy Inspector General of the Indian Coast Guards B K Loshali admitted that he had ordered to blow up a the boat in the Arabian Sea.

Indian media on quoted Loshali as saying that he gave the order to blow up the vessel because it had entered Indian waters. The statement of the DIG has negated the Indian Defence Ministry statement which had claimed that the boat had suspected terror link and people in the boat blew up the vessel on interception.

Mr Loshali had contradicted the government’s claim that the crew of the intruding Pakistani boat had themselves set the vessel ablaze, leading to an explosion that caused the vessel to sink. However, the Indian government’s statement said that Pakistan blew up its own boat.

On speaking up the truth and exposing the Indian Government propaganda, DIG Coast Guards Loshali will now face court martial coming September.

This shows how India bashes its own soldiers when they speak the truth and expose the conspiracies of Indian Government, they are being punished through court martial. Moreover, this incident shows that India doesnt believe in ‘aman ki asha’ rather it formulates and execute conspiracies against Pakistan.


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