Wake Up Afghanistan!

After Kabul blasts, Afghan president Ashraf Ghani was forced by his advisers such as former NDS Chief Amrullah Saleh and Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah to throw blame on Pakistan.

We need to convey a message to Afghans and their Govt should not take Pakistan lightly. They should already indebted by Pakistan’s kindness of bearing the burden of four million Afghan refugees for more than three decades. It is now time and is in best interest of Afghan people that they keep a friendly atmosphere with Pakistan. Entire Afghan economy is still dependent on Pakistan.

Pakistan is striving for regional and global peace. Pakistan wants to see a stable region for prosperity of both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Though Afghan politicians, intelligence and the so-called mullahs are blaming Pakistan for all their own problems but now it is the time they start behaving themselves.

Afghanistan should not forget that Pakistan is a responsible nuclear power and providing training to its cadets in PMA. The advisors of Ashraf Ghani should not take him to a point where there is no turning back. Afghanistan should know that who it is trying to create trouble. This situation will be beneficiary for whom? India has been doing false flags on its own soil and this recent blast is a testimony of the same Indian designs being applied in Afghanistan.

The main purpose of these blasts is to sabotage peace talks between Afghanistan and Taliban as well as to dismantle Pak-Afghan relations. Taliban have declared that no one from them was involved in the recent series of bomb blasts in Afghanistan. It has now become a fashion to conveniently put blame on Taliban for everything going wrong under the sun and as such accusing fingers were raised towards them after recent bombings in Kabul. But categorical statement of Taliban made after thorough investigations has exposed the truth and it should serve as an eye opener for all stakeholders especially those who are striving to restore peace in the war torn Afghanistan.

It was unfortunate that some elements within the Afghan Government especially their allies started accusing Pakistan of backing Taliban who carry out attacks inside Afghanistan. This is despite the fact that Pakistan fulfilled all demands made by Afghanistan including release of important Taliban prisoners and bringing Taliban onto the negotiating table. It was also for the first time that Taliban publically committed to the dialogue process, raising strong hopes for positive outcome of the talks. After successful first round, the parties were ready for the second round, which was also being hosted by Pakistan with the active cooperation of China. However, the enemies of peace in Afghanistan started hatching conspiracies on multiple fronts and first they created fissures due to issue of death of Mullah Omer and election of his successor and then stage-managed blasts in Kabul. By doing so they not only scuttled prospects of peace in Afghanistan and the region but also tried to disfigure image of Pakistan, which sponsored peace talks and earned a lot of goodwill of the international community. The ‘third party’ has done disservice to Afghanistan and the region and must be exposed by all.

The Afghan mullahs are also inviting jihad against a Muslim country that is Pakistan. By doing this, Afghan Mullahs are doing exactly what ISIS does: fight only the Muslims. Moreover, Afghan intelligence is sitting in the lap of Indian intelligence, and Indian intelligence has already brought ISIS in Afghanistan with the help of Doval’s secret visit to Syria.

President Ghani, his Government and Afghan people should realize that these blasts will only benefit India, not Pakistan. Afghans should realize that who are their real friends and who are their enemies.


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