Rise of Tensions in Pak-Afghan Relations

The tensions in Pak-Afghan relations are becoming obvious day by day. Afghan Government is raising fingers on Pakistan for recent Kabul attacks however Pakistan is doing sincere efforts to bring peace in Afghanistan through peace talks between Afghan Government and Taliban.

Moreover, operation ZarbeAzb will not only bring peace in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan too but TTP has got safe havens in Afghanistan. Afghan Government should take strict action against these terrorists and their hideouts.

Yesterday, rocket attack from Afghanistan has taken away lives of four Pakistan army soldiers. According to the Inter-Services Public Relations, the rocket was fired by terrorists from Afghanistan yesterday which resulted in the death of four army men and injured four others.

This is not the first time that a cross border attack has happened on Pak-Afghan border.

The attack comes at a time when relations between Islamabad and Afghanistan had started deteriorating in the wake of a surge in Taliban attacks inside Afghanistan and statements of the Afghan leadership against Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Pakistan lodged strong protest with Afghanistan over the rocket attack from Afghan side. According to foreign office, A strong protest was lodged with Afghanistan’s Ambassador Jannan Mosazai and he was told that Kabul must take urgent steps to stop such attacks from its territory.

Terrorists again used Afghan soil to attack Pakistan Army’s post in Khyber that lead to martyrdom of four soldiers. Local militants have fled ongoing military offensives since 2008, taking refuge across the border and attacking Pakistani military checkpoints and civilians from there.

Afghanistan should realize that Pakistan has been giving shelter to millions of Afghan refugees and is economic door for Afghanistan. Afghan government should realize the hidden hands behind Kabul attacks and their agenda. Strong Pak-Afghan ties are important to tear off terrorism from this region. In order to have terror free Afghanistan and Pakistan, both countries should have strong military and foreign relations with each other.


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