Why ZarbeAzb?

Pakistan was facing bomb blasts and adverse security had badly affected its growth and development. It is evident that menace of terrorism has badly affected the country and its economy. More than seventy thousand Pakistanis lost their lives and one hundred billion dollars loss is faced by country’s economy. That’s why operation ZarbeAzb was started last year in June with the purpose of eliminating terrorists from North Waziristan.

Due to operation ZarbeAzb, terrorists attacks has been reduced. Intelligence based operations has successfully dissolved many plans of terrorists. Fall down of suicide attacks and CPEC is proof of success of ZarbeAzb.

Currently, we are in need of national unity because we are in state of war against terrorists. To defeat terrorism and to end terrorists from our motherland, we all should support our armed forces and LEAs. We dont need terrorists’ apologists and their sympathizers. Political parties and people from all circles need to unanimously support LEAs.

We are proud of our soldiers who give their lives whenever motherland needs. There are many unsung soldiers who embraced shahadat for our country. They are fighting terrorists and saving Pakistan from threats and terrorism. End of terrorists will bring peace not only in Pakistan but also in this region.


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