Can we protect our schools?

Peshawar APS attack brought tears in the eyes of every Pakistani. I feel goose bumps when I imagine the condition of families who lost their children. Its been one year since attack on APS children and we should not dim the memory of APS children. The sacrifice of 132 children cannot be forgot.

Although Pakistan Army is still continuing military operation against terrorists but there is need to take steps that can prevent our schools and our children from attacks similar to APS Peshawar attack. We, as a nation, need to be united in order to get rid of menace of terrorism and extremism

16th December’s Peshawar incident has made us realize that education is a MUST for all of us. In order to bring awareness against extremists, we need to educate our society. Darkness of extremism can only be removed through the education.

Military operations like ZarbeAzb must continue to remove terrorists and their banned outfits. Intelligence based operations in urban areas will stabilize the security situation of cities. Moreover, speeding up the action on implementation of NAP (national action plan) is required to secure our children and schools from barbarians.

Pakistan army is doing its job by fighting against terrorists but lack of political will has slowed down the required progress. Political will for action against terrorists’ apologists is the main areas that needs to be addressed. Awareness among masses is required to get required results in society because military action against terrorists is not the only factor to bring peace in Pakistan, collective efforts from masses is also need of time.

Terrorists showed their real face in this attack and nation got united on a point that there should be no space or room for barbaric terrorists. We Can..Yes we can protect our children and schools when people will identify terrorist apologists in society and there would be zero tolerance for these butchers.


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