18 months of ZarbeAzb

ZarbeAzb was inevitable after Karachi airport attack last year in June. Pakistan Army launched military operation ZarbeAzb in North Waziristan on 15th June 2014. ZarbeAzb had support of people of Pakistan and was started after approval from parliament. The main purpose of this operation was to remove terrorists from North Waziristan but later on this operation was extended to rest of the country as various IBOs (Intelligence based operations) were conducted to remove terrorists’ hideouts from urban areas of the country.

Its been one and a half year after since start of operation ZarbeAzb. Phenomenal successes have been achieved including clearance of last pockets close to Pak-Afghan border. Terrorists’ backbone is broken and main infrastructure is dismantled and IBOs continued to burst sleeper cells.

Three thousand four hundred terrorists are killed in ZarbeAzb and 837 hideouts are destroyed from where terrorists carrying out their terrorists activities destroyed. Pakistan Army has weakened terrorists through operation Zarb-e-Azb.

Moreover, during last 18 months, over 13200 Intelligence based operations are carried out across the country in which around two hundred hardcore terrorists were killed and 21193 arrested.

Success came at a heavy price as 488 valiant officers and men of Pakistan Army, FC KPK, FC Balochistan, Sindh Rangers sacrificed their lives and 1914 injured in ZarbeAzb. Every sacrifice rendered for making Pakistan a safe and peaceful country is remarkable. The great sacrifices of our martyrs will not go waste.

Total 11 military courts are formed and 142 cases were referred to military courts. 55 cases decided, 87 cases in process and 31 hardcore terrorists convicted.

Whole nation supports its valiant armed forces and resolve was expressed against terrorism after 16 December APS attack. Due to nation’s support for its soldiers, armed forces have made ZarbeAzb a big success.


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