Only Dead Taliban!

It is astonishing to see that people still categorize Taliban as ‘Good Taliban’ and ‘Bad Taliban’..however, they should realize that only dead Taliban are good. We see terrorists’ apologists in our country and ignore them forexample clerics of Lal Masjid.

Pakistan has been suffering from terrorism more than a decade and the only solution left to deal them was military action. That is why ZarbeAzb started and now action against all of their sleepovers in urban areas are being targeted through IBOs (intelligence based operations).

It has been unfortunate for Pakistan that no terrorist was hanged since 2006 due to which terrorism established its roots country wide. If judiciary had taken responsibility and would had hang terrorists, there would had been no need of establishing military courts.

We all should show unconditional condemnation against terrorists and their apologists. Our motto should be to remove anyone spreading bad in society, especially to eliminate all those supporters who are ruining the repute of our motherland.

Improvement in law and order situation was seen after execution of operation ZarbeAzb and implementation of national action plan (that was approved after APS attack). After APS Peshawar school attack, national leadership decided to take action against terrorists and their apologists. The long awaited National Action Plan (NAP) was approved by parliament. NAP is now working in right direction. There was 35% reduction in terrorist activities in urban areas and 20% Reduction in FATA.

Terrorists of APS attack are hanged by military courts yet there are many who needed to be hanged. They will be dangerous for the society if courts let them free. 

Pakistan army is doing its job but lack of political will and delayed decisions from judiciary has slowed down the required progress. The working of military courts has given hope to people that terrorists will get their destiny as they will be hanged. The judiciary need to show their national responsibility and should not spare these terrorists. Awareness among masses is required to get needed results in society because military action against terrorists is not the only factor to bring peace in Pakistan, collective efforts from masses is also need of time.

We are in state of war and we should be UNITED against Taliban because only dead taliban are good. To defeat terrorism and to end terrorists from our country, we all should support our armed forces and law enforcement agencies. We dont need terrorists’ apologists and their sympathizers. Political parties and people from all circles need to unanimously support LEAs to end terrorism from Pakistan.


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